Saturday, November 12, 2011

Same Kind of Different As Me - by Ron Hall & Denver Moore

Same Kind of Different as Me is a non-fiction book that shows us both the relationship of the three main characters and their individual journeys of faith.

Ron Hall is a wealthy white man who grew up in the lower middle class, helping his grandfather on a cotton farm and observing that, even while his grandfather treated the black workers better than most, there was a distinct difference to being a white worker versus a black worker. His journey takes him from those days as a child observer to a life of privilege and wealth, through marriage struggles into a vibrant marriage, from casual Sunday Christian to a man passionate about God's work, from working at a mission out of duty to wanting to help those less fortunate to actually caring and loving the people whom he came to know.

Denver is a poor black man who grew up living a slave's life in a "free" world in rural Louisiana. His early life was marked by tragedy, and he was shuffled from home to home. His journey in the book takes him from his poor childhood to a poor adulthood to a life of homelessness, which leads him to a life of crime, and eventually back to homelessness. But along the way, he also journeys from feeling worthless and unloved to being cared for and prayed over.

Deborah Hall is the wife of Ron, but she is also the impetus for the odd relationship between Ron and Denver. Her journey is her own, but it carries others along in her passion. She grows from a rich sorority girl to a compassionate woman, from a stranger in her marriage to a wife who fights for her husband, from a casual Christian to a woman of faith who dreams big dreams from God and prays to see them come to fruition.

The characters' life journeys are unvarnished and authentic. Their struggles, their growth, and their love for each other cannot help but touch the reader. Although at times the book can make one uncomfortable, that is also one of its strengths. It will make the reader question his own prejudices, his own lifestyle, and his own passion, or lack thereof, for God and His people. It will make him wish to do more, help more, and BE more for God.

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