Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who's in Charge, Anyway? - by Max Lucado

Who's in Charge Anyway, by Max Lucado is a video in the series about Hermie and Friends. With flashbacks to how his friends have learned God's lessons and are growing into the insects God wants them to be, Freddie the Flea learns that God cares about him personally. He also learns that his friends haven't always been the strong, courageous, or confident bugs he knows them to be.

This video feels like the kind of story that will grow with my kids' understanding of it. As 2-year-olds, they enjoy the colors and the characters, and will now frequently ask to "watch Hermie!" As they grow, they will learn to follow the story and begin to understand that God has a plan for each of them, and while He may not be finished with them yet, He hasn't made a mistake, and He knows what He's doing with each of them. There are even subtle jokes (like the "Water Beetles" music group) for the parents watching along to get extra enjoyment out of it.

Overall, I love the Hermie series. I love that there's a good message in an enjoyable cartoon for my kids and I like having this alternative to the other children's options out there.

I received a free copy of this DVD from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze program.

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