Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Too Pretty - by Andrea Grigg

In a world where women are judged harshly on their looks, frequently coming up short to the unrealistic standards, falling too close to the dream brings its own set of problems.  Ellie Paxton has spent her life fending off unwanted advances, being passed over for jobs, and fighting jealousy from women on all sides.  Now, having lost her job through no fault of her own, and having been badgered by her aunt yet again, Ellie decides to pick up and move to the city with her cousin Chloe.  Not only does she want a fresh start career-wise, she decided to take a 6-month break from men, to find who she is and who God wants her to be.  Even as her resources dwindle, and she meets a handsome yet elusive man, Ellie holds tight to her promise, and learns that God loves her and has His own plans for her.

While the premise may be a tricky one for some readers to accept, the author does a good job of creating a world in which a stunning young woman struggles to be accepted, and to accept herself.  Thankfully, she also has some realistic friends who help keep her from drifting too far, and who seem happy to lend her a hand whenever she needs it.  Between her quirky friends, her bumpy past, and her charitable heart, Ellie was just the right mix to be a lovable character.  Her 6-month commitment to herself and God was not easy, did not come with promises of success, yet she stuck to it, and she learned to listen to that still, small voice, and to see herself through God's eyes.

My favorite parts about this story was that nobody was perfect.  Nobody.  Everybody had a backstory, or a flaw, or made bad choices.  But they learned from them.  They didn't preach it, they lived it.  There were mistakes, but there were also apologies.  There were broken relationships, but there was also forgiveness.  There was pain, but there was also grace.

I give this book 4 stars.
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I received a copy of this e-book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.

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