Monday, February 11, 2013

Wings of Glass - by Gina Holmes

Penny Carson is swept away at the tender age of 17, by a man who manages to sound more possessive than her father.  Trent Taylor is not only possessive and intense, but quickly isolates Penny and becomes abusive.  Penny not only thinks begins to fear that escape isn’t possible, she can’t bring herself to want to leave Trent.  Until she finds new friends, Trent promises to change but doesn’t, and a baby enters the picture.  If Penny can’t stand up to Trent for herself, can she do it for their son?  And can Trent change, or will it take more than promises to fix what’s broken in this family?

Written as a letter to her son, Manny, Wings of Glass is disturbing in that the reader sees not only the abuse that occurs, but the psychological toll that the abuse and lifestyle has taken on the writer.  It’s a difficult book to read, but clearly shows the emotional turmoil that women stuck in abusive relationships endure.  Despite the content, the writing engaged me: I was frustrated at Penny’s refusal to leave, not taken in by Trent’s promise to change, and cheering her friends who were trying to help.  As with real abusive relationships, I’m sure, however, it had to be Penny’s choice.  Penny had to wrestle through what it meant to be a daughter of God, and whether divorce and separation was better or worse in His sight than being stuck in an abusive relationship.

Overall, I think this was a well-written book, but I don’t think I can say that I enjoyed it.  I’m not sure to whom I would recommend it, as I think it would be a hard read for anyone, and worse if you had actually endured this type of relationship.  Perhaps it could serve as encouragement for people to watch out for their friends and to help where possible should there be signs of abuse.
I give this book 3 stars.

You can find the author's website HERE, and she's doing a giveaway of a signed copy of this book now!

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.

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