Monday, July 9, 2012

Upgrades and Expansions

I am excited that I am in the process of expanding my review options!  I had previously just been reviewing for Thomas Nelson and Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers directly.  I recently received several approvals for reviews from Zondervan via Edelweiss, and just today got approval for 2 books through NetGalley.  This brings me to five  books that I currently have in my "to be read and reviewed" list.  Guess I won't be watching TV for awhile!  I am also awaiting a decision from Tyndale to see if I've been accepted as a reviewer for them.

In other expansion news, I just created a Twitter account for book stuff; I would love it if you could follow me!  We can talk book stuff, you can give me recommendations, we can complain about movies that don't follow the book, whatever strikes us as interesting!

Thanks so much for reading along with me!

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