Sunday, December 4, 2011

Indelible - by Kristen Heitzmann

Indelible begins with a daring rescue of a small child by a man driven to save those in danger. Trevor MacDaniel is attempting to overcome what he sees as the sins of his past by the good deeds of his present. Natalie Reeve, an amazing sculptor with an astonishing gift that she once considered a disability, tries to understand what she sees in Trevor, what pulls him towards these perilous situations. And, somewhere, someone lives in darkness who feels the need to challenge Trevor's light. The small Colorado town once again deals with danger and uncertainty as its people work together to restore peace.

Kristen Heitzmann is one of my favorite authors, and I am always excited to see a new release from her. Indelible appears to be a companion book to Indivisible, although there is no indication on the book itself or on the description on retailers' websites. However, the characters are the same, and there is enough reference to their past that I found myself wishing I had re-read Indivisible before starting this book. Indelible could likely stand on its own for most readers, but I would recommend reading them together.

For the most part, the characters in the book are well-written and engaging. I did find myself not really caring about the mysterious dark character for most of the book because a) there wasn't enough written about him to give me something to care about, and b) the quotations that began each of his segments appear to be from Paradise Lost, a book I probably should have read at some point, but haven't, thus nullifying the connection of quotes to character.

Part of what made the dark character's segments confusing was that the formatting in the e-book seemed to have been lost in transition. The change from named characters to the mysterious character was only marked by a page break, and an unattributed quote. As the story begins to fill in, there are several references to Paradise Lost, which is what makes me think that is where the quotes are from. I have not looked at a print copy of this book, so I do not know if that was merely an e-book issue or not.

Overall, I would give Indelible 4 stars. I do hope that there is a third book in what seems to be a series in this town, because many of the characters' side stories were left incomplete. When characters are that well-written, it makes me want to know what happens to them!

You can read an excerpt from Chapter 1 HERE.

I received this e-book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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